Techniques for Instagram Popularity

Social media is the new media, and everyone these days want the popularity on Instagram and other social media platforms. As digital content marketers, we have to work even harder to get famous on Instagram than everyone else out there.

To stay ahead of the rest, we do all we’ve got to do; we read deeply, we conduct researches, we attend seminars on how to get famous on Instagram, we buy “fault proof” guides…and everything we think could give us an edge to be among the IG famous guys.

I have been on IG for a while now; I’m trying to get famous on Instagram too, and I have noted common traits among Instagram celebrities. There are a few Instagram layout ideas they go by which other people seem to ignore. I have researched and pointed out that these simple things, from how to start an Instagram account right to what they do with their profiles is what earns them so many followers.

Try out these ideas and get top Instagram followers.


1. Find out the most trending tags on Instagram.  



Hashtags are prominent on Instagram. People want to know what’s going on around them, and around the world. That’s where those fitness hashtags, sneaker hashtags, top photography hashtags, success hashtags, and all those trending tags on Instagram come in handy.

Hashtags are tools for spreading the word about your products. Moreover, people will follow you wildly if you keep them updated with the details of what’s new. You can create a brand around that and build a massive following around it. All you have to do is make use of hashtag popularity.

The best way to go about this is to research on the most trending hashtags on Instagram; dig deep into the details of the highest traffic hashtags, create some informative content around it, and post.

Does it sound like SEO? It’s the same concept as SEO. In this case, the hashtags are your keywords. For best results, use at least 11 hashtags.

Like with SEO where you have to use keywords which will generate for you uttermost traffic; you need to use the most trending hashtags on Instagram today and you’ll be on track to get famous on Instagram.

However, it helps if you were careful not to go for generic hashtags. Choose a hashtag that goes well with the theme of your content marketing. Stand for an idea and let people know you for that.

For instance, you want to build a brand around personal development, use a hashtag like #personaldevelopment or a unique success hashtag. Choose a cool Instagram theme to go with it. Make it your identity. Stick to it—you’ll get popular on Instagram for what you stand for.

2. Create Catchy Captions; Engaging Captions


Many people out there don’t pay much attention to the captions they choose for their Instagram posts/stories. Marketers do. The best way to use Instagram captions to increase your popularity on Instagram is to make them as appealing as can be. Ask your audience questions they can relate with; the questions that will linger on their minds long after they see the post. Alternatively, use the caption to call them to an action that will help in a way—keep it relevant to your theme.

3. Post Teasers of Soon-to-be-launched Products/Services



Teasers fill people with anticipation. If you share teasers of a product or service you are working on, how it will work, where, and how it can be obtained, your audience will look forward to it. Moreover, if anyone in your audience knows a person whom your product could help they will probably spread the news.

It’s one of the ways how to make a popular Instagram account.

Sharing teasers of your soon-to-be-launched products and services gives you massive traction. It captures IG users’ interest in what you are working. Of course, they will follow you so that they can catch the latest updates on the product/service.

As you post videos and pictures, remember to use some trending hashtags on Instagram, and it will give you a follow boost.

4. Frequent Steamy Contests on Instagram



People love Instagram contests. If they are participating in your competition, they will be following silently. Either way, they will be reacting to your contest. The thing with contests is that the participants will call on their followers to help them win the contest and that’s an excellent opportunity to capitalize off their content to get more followers Instagram.

As you run a contest, check your Instagram engagements and you’ll note a rise. I have noted that many people follow and like my Instagram photos whenever I have a competition going on.




Here’s how to go about the contest; ask people to post pictures on Instagram and include your unique hashtag as part of their caption. When people click on your hashtag, you stand a good chance of getting new followers. It also increases your engagements on IG which ultimately counts for new followers.  

Here is a delightful read with tips on how to run a successful contest on Instagram.


5. User Your Instagram Account As a Highlight of What You Do


Using your IG account as a candid shot doesn’t mean using it to advertise your products or services. It involves using your account to showcase relatable progress; how you started—the journey so far—the growth.

People don’t want to see the perfect image you’d show on a TV advert; they want to look at the grind. How you do what you do, if possible; step-by-step. Use your brand’s account to show the work that goes on behind the scene. Show them the people behind the success, show them the flows because people identify with real and relatable brands. Unedited behind the scenes images will earn you a massive following.

For example, I love how Jeep Wrangler shares videos of how they make their vehicle parts. Thanks to them I know exactly how the parts work, and I follow them with the aim of learning how vehicle parts work.

6. Keep your followers inspired


If people have to follow you, you need to assure them that you are confident of what you are doing. They need to know that you sure of what you are doing and that they can look up to you for inspiration in your niche. You must show that it can be done; if you can do it, it’s possible. So if they can’t do it by themselves, they can trust you with it.

At least share single quotes on Instagram in line with your niche.

7. Free Samples, Free Service, and Giveaway Gifts


This one of the most popular techniques used by most popular Instagram accounts, and it works effectively. To become famous on Instagram, consider giving away some prizes. Well, you can do this by awarding winners or by donating some of your products to a section of your society.

For instance, fitness companies give away fitness strategies to followers with the most engagements on Instagram fitness hashtags. This way, you leverage the prizes for more followers and make your Instagram popular.

Guess what?  A single giveaway coupled with the right hashtags will give you at least a thousand new followers.

8. Share many lifestyle Pictures



Ever wondered how Selena Gomez became the most followed person on Instagram for so long? Alternatively, why Cristiano has the most Instagram followers ever? It’s because they know how to post relatable lifestyle pictures.





lifestyle share

Selena is not the most famous musician or the most talented, but she sure knows how to keep her Instagram pictures cute and relatable.

Ronaldo sure knows how to post regular guy pictures.

Salena doesn’t emphasize the fact that she’s the queen of Instagram, and she doesn’t make all her posts all about her.

Cristiano Ronaldo is actually the most liked person on Instagram. His most liked photo on Instagram is a Christmas photo with his family.

The most liked picture on Instagram is of Kylie Jenner’s first daughter.

Therefore, the most viewed Instagram profiles and most popular Instagram accounts belong to celebrities who post relatable pictures either with their family or on their grind. People will identify with your lifestyle, and if they approve of it, you’ll have more followers by the days.

Keeping it real is how to make a successful Instagram account.

9. Selfies


Selfies are generally just a few years old. Instagram is popular because it gives us an insight into people’s day-to-day life—how they live their lives, how they handle challenges, how they treat the people in their lives, and how they do what they do.

If you’ve ever wondered how people have so many followers on Instagram, one of the tips is posting cute selfies. With best hashtags for selfies.  

Selfies give you an up-close view of the people you follow. It gives your followers the same look for you. Thanks to selfies you’ll come across someone you follow on Instagram and identify them, and say hi.

Generally, people love to snoop. You’ll be surprised at how much people analyze an image on social media. If you want your followers to see your beauty better, a few selfies with best selfie hashtags are okay. Especially if is appealing, or if you’re in the beauty industry.  It’s an easy way to get Instafamous.  

10. For Business, Buy an Instagram with a big Audience



It’s difficult to be popular on Instagram if you’re starting. It takes much hard work to get thousands of followers from scratch. Some people open a second Instagram account for their business; you’d consider buying an account that already has a few thousand followers.  

However, when you buy an account, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll lose most of the followers. However, if you keep working on the account, you’ll start gaining more followers than you are losing. Ultimately, you’ll build on the thousands you bought.

When scouting for an Instagram account to by, look out for one with an audience that will somehow fall for the theme you want to use the account for.

All you’ll have to do is pay, change the name on the account and take over. It’s an excellent way how to be Instagram famous overnight.

11. Like and comment on other people’s posts.


If you’ve been using Instagram thinking getting popularity on Instagram is about double tapping on other people’s posts, then you are wrong. Just make sure whenever you like somebody’s post you leave a nice comment. Once you comment, especially a lovely comment, interactions start from there, and you’ll be on the path to getting famous on Instagram.

Come to think of it; there are 575 likes every second on Instagram, and only 81 comments. It is easier to tap on like button than to tap comment.

However, if you like and write positive comments on other people’s posts the other party will ask themselves, “who is this writing some positive comments on my post?” he/she will eventually click on your profile and follow you. They may also like your posts and even comment.

Keep at it, and soon you’ll be among the IG famous guys.

12. Use superior hashtags



The top photography hashtags you affect a lot for your Instagram popularity. If you are in the fitness business, use superior fitness Instagram hashtags. Many Instagram users think that hashtags on their posts give them more exposure. Well, sure, it does that’s why people with the highest followers on Instagram use them. However, with this, you have to use the most relevant trending tags on Instagram.

Though Instagram hashtags are useful, it can’t work as a standalone strategy so be sure to use popular hashtags alongside other approaches. What you need to do is to make sure that the quality of your hashtags is excellent, with that you may get some more likes.

13. Make your account active by posting many photos.


Nobody will ever want to be a follower of an account that’s not active or an account with a few photos; I give you my word.

Your posts will help other Instagram users decide whether to follow you or not. Therefore, if you need popularity on Instagram, you need to up your game when it comes to posting photos.

You should know that the number of your followers and following may also determine if I should follow you or not.

But the important ones are the number of posts and followers. The quality of your photos and captions may help you increase followers and the number of posts too.


Everybody wants popularity on social media these days. Social media is the new media. However, not everyone wants to do what it takes to gain popularity. Many people are seeking tips on how to get famous on Instagram.

There are many techniques you could use to gain popularity on Instagram; these are not the only techniques. However, I have researched these and found them to be very useful, and successful.

If you want an edge on Instagram popularity, these methods will earn you Instagram popularity.