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SEO Fort LauderdaleSEO Fort Lauderdale –

SEO is one of the most diverse and dynamic industries today. This is probably why there are numerous SEO firms providing a diverse ever-changing menu of ranking services in Fort Lauderdale and beyond.

So how do you find the best SEO Fort Lauderdale with the right services for your company?

Here are five key factors to keep in mind in your search for the best SEO service provider:

1. Naked and Sincere Communication

If there is one area where most SEO firms fail miserably is the lack of follow up communication with their clients.

They make the mistake of assuming that as long as the client’s work is in progress, there’s no need for further communication or explanation to the customer. Naked Media has a completely different approach.

We not only keep our customers updated on the progress of their work but also pay attention to their feedback. We understand that we only provide SEO services to customers, who have faced numerous challenges and difficulties with their business for many years.

Customers have a much better understanding of their business needs than we do. They may not be as conversant in SEO technical jargon but all they need is to hear the phone ring and see more business coming their way. Our sincere and transparent communication includes key explanations such as why ranking has not yet occurred and everything we are doing to make it happen as soon as possible.

2. Can Your Company Rank My Site with a Monthly Budget of $500?

An honest answer to this question is that it’s not practical to get the best ranking job at a cost of $500 per month. You may need to look for another alternative besides SEO if your budget is limited to $500 or below. In any case, your top priority is to have more customers calling your business by all means possible. Our company can assist you with other alternative marketing methods besides organic ranking. After reading this, you may be wondering, why then do I have to bother with SEO if there are other cheaper methods of attracting customers? Well, it all depends on the nature of your business. There are businesses for which the only effective method of getting customers is via SEO.

3. After Spending Money on SEO, When Do I Expect to Start Seeing Financial Results?

Every business is unique in its own way, which is why there’s no single definitive answer to this question. However, to start getting financial results from ranking, your business must first appear in the top 3 positions of search engine results for relevant keywords. In the past, you could achieve the top 3 positions in as little as 3 months but with today’s Google algorithm changes, endless updates, and deliberate sandboxing of newly created websites, it may take up to 6 months to rank your site. Achieving first-page ranking is quite different from dominating the top 3 positions in search results. These are positions that Google reserves for authority sites, which are extremely difficult to compete against.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround for this challenge. At a good  SEO Fort Lauderdale firm, like Naked Media, we believe a good ranking job should focus on putting your site in the top 3 search engine results. We believe your best return on investment should involve having your website on the top 3 positions on local map or search engine results. Our goal is to make your site rank in position 1 of the search engine results. It has become almost mandatory to rank in the top 3 positions or better today with Google PPC eating into the local map ranking.

4. Keyword Research is Crucial

The importance of keyword research can never be overstated. With low competition keywords, any Tom, Dick, and Harry can rank position 1 on Google. However, the most important thing is to rank for keywords that people are searching for in large volumes. Make sure you know the search volume of the keyword that you want to rank for. You need to find keywords that prospective buyers are typing in search engines. These are buyer keywords which yield information keywords that you can rank for to drive visitors to your site and convert them into buyers. Look for buyer keywords with high search volumes.

5. The End Goal of Your SEO Efforts

The primary goal of looking for a good Ft. Lauderdale SEO company is to help you get the best returns on your investment. This is not only the primary but the end goal of your SEO efforts.

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