Pay per Click advertising is an inorganic means of earning a top position on PageRank, and which helps your website appear on relevant partner websites. The good thing with PPC is that it’s reliable for delivering instant leads and can be complemented with other SEO strategies.



    We are recognized by Google as a leader in PPC Management. While anyone can configure and set-up a Google Adwords account, but it takes a professional webmaster to run an effective marketing campaign.


    Over the years, we have mastered the science of auditing PPCs and coming up with low volume keywords which require low PPC costs but ensure remarkable return on revenue.


    We have a team of highly skilled account managers who will run an effective marketing campaign & adverts successfully in in Google Adwords, Bing Ads and across all digital platforms.


We are Google Adwords PPC specialists. We have spent thousands of hours around Google Adwords interface. We have seen it evolve; we know what works and what doesn’t. Our knowledgeable and skilled team can handle any Adwords project successfully.

Our Customers have spent more than $20 millions in our pay per click (PPC) campaigns, we have a knack for making Adwords accounts look better than we find it. Whether you need a new account set up or want your existing account optimized, our team will review it, run an audit and make it look great. After optimizing the account, we’ll provide you with ongoing maintenance and a guarantee you great PPC results.

It’s one thing to create a PPC account and another thing to optimize and maintain it. If you already have a functional Pay Per Click account, but it’s not bringing in the ROI as you anticipated, then you need a new set of eyes on it. We are here to help you with that. We often detect the flaws in a few minutes. Once we audit your account and tweak a few things to optimize it, we guarantee that you’ll see an improvement in your ROI. We can optimize PPC accounts on the following platforms:

  • Restructuring Campaigns on all Ad platforms
  • Google Adwords PPC
  • Keyword Research and Planning
  • AdGroup Boost Pack
  • Facebook Advertising

We craft landing pages which complement your PPC campaigns. Once we generate traffic from PPCs, we love sending the traffic to an appropriately designed landing page which efficiently generates sales leads. We have perfected the art of building catchy and engaging pages which drive sales leads for almost any business. If you want potential customers calling you, filling up forms, or signing up for your email list, don’t look any further than us.

Google listing Ads are also known as Google Shopping Ads. It is a paid shopping advert program run by Google, which includes shopping data feed, product adverts, and Merchant dashboard. When you run an ad on Google shopping ads, your customers can see the products; pictures of the products, prices of the products, and your online store’s name. When they click on the Ad, they are redirected to your online store. It entices many potential customers to click on the products and generates massive sales. We can help you set up a Google Listing Ads account.

Over 80% of the adult American population spends at least 126 daily minutes on the internet, on their mobile phones. More searches are done on Google via mobile phones than via laptops and desktops computers. Naked Media will help you build and run Google Mobile PPC Ads to reach new potential customers, and convert them into leads. Besides, mobile and display advertising will also popularize your brand and help you strengthen your brand.

At Naked Media PPC, we offer well planned PPC campaign management for all the social media platforms which offer PPC. We always start by drafting a fault-proof social media strategy which targets your customers to ensure efficiency. We’ll often focus on users’ location, age, sex, education, job, interests, and disposable income among other attributes when drafting a social media strategy. This is important because unlike the case with search engines where users search for something specific, with social media you’ll be interrupting their sessions so the Advert better is something that will interest them. We have helped many businesses with that, and we’ll be happy to help you too.

Our team will look at your PPC account, review it and carry out an audit to not what can be fixed, improved, or removed. The reason for this is to establish what’s working and what’s not working to do away with what’s not working and improve on what’s working. An audit is therefore crucial for developing a PPC strategy. Many people can set up their PPC accounts by themselves, but not everyone can optimize the accounts to ensure uttermost conversions. We have PPC specialists who will screen the accounts and advise you on where to invest more money, where not to, functional keywords, ad performance, and so much more.

Naked Media offers a PPC retargeting package which includes PPC campaign planning and management. Our skilled team will help your business revisit previously targeted customers using a strategy that will be most likely to call many potential customers to action rather than aimlessly throwing web contents at them and hoping that they respond positively.