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Marketing for Lawyers Strategies 2017

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Why Marketing For Lawyers Strategies Are the Keys to Success In 2017

You learn a lot in Law School. In fact, they teach you just about everything except the importance of marketing your practice. Marketing is crucial for lawyers. It’s what differentiates a financially successful lawyer from one who is ever struggling to land a few clients. Your impressive track record and knowledge of the law are important but what counts more is your ability to market these skills to potential clients. The days when a lawyer only needed to practice law to become successful are no longer with us. Today, lawyers face fierce competition and a shrinking demand for their services due to factors such as increasing supply of lawyers on the market and availability of other service alternatives. Marketing for lawyers is crucial if you hope to survive in 2017 and beyond. The tragedy is that marketing is a poorly understood concept among lawyers. Most attorneys end up ineffective marketing campaigns due to lack of knowledge and training, lack of time for such non-billable activities, or are simply not comfortable with marketing tasks and demands.

Advertising is not enough marketing

If you asked a lawyer what kind of marketing he or she does, you’d probably be shown entries in yellow pages or billboards in their neighborhood. In reality, advertising should not be confused with marketing. Pay for ads on TV or billboards are just a few aspects of marketing. Marketing is a broad concept that should be a major part of every firm’s long-term plans. Marketing involves getting new clients, establishing good relationships with your existing clients, and devising more effective ways of reaching out to prospective clients. It goes beyond direct mail and simple tombstone magazine ads.

Engaging the services of a professional marketing for lawyers firm

You need to work closely with marketing and advertising professionals to promote your practice more effectively. At Naked Media, we can help you find the right marketing outlets for your services, measure your success, and grow your business. Running a law firm is not an easy task. You are constantly dealing with diverse client needs and hardly get the time to spend on marketing and advertising activities, especially when you are starting out. Your best option is to delegate these duties to professionals who specialize in law firm marketing such as Naked Media. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable about everything that goes into promoting your firm. At Naked Media, you don’t get trial and error marketing services. We ensure that you get positive results from your website by creating content that converts. We’ll do a thorough analysis of your firm’s website and make sure that it converts visitors into clients. When you promote your business more effectively online, you open up a huge potential for growth and success. Your marketing campaigns at Naked Media are handled by professionally trained law firm marketing experts using the latest suite of marketing software and development tools. We give you a full digital marketing package at a cost-effective budget. Our goal is to help you grow your legal practice even more in 2017 and beyond.