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Facebook Marketing; a complete User Guide to Marketing on Facebook

A brief introduction to Facebook marketing; about Facebook Everybody is on Facebook these days. It’s a platform you can’t ignore completely, especially if you are in the marketing business. Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world. The platform now has a whopping 2.27 billion users. This means that the Facebook market has 2.27 billion active visitors every month. 1.5 billion Of these users log in to Facebook every day.   Facebook started as a simple platform where cool students shared pictures and evolved into a massive multi-billion dollar company. Today Facebook is the top player in content marketing, media, and significant player in the advancement of technology. Lately, Facebook has had its share of issues; from accusations concerning hacking of user accounts, role in Russian interference in the US elections to user data security and so much more. This left many business owners questioning whether they can still use Facebook promotion service safely or keep marketing on Facebook. The truth is, Facebook has a way of soaring above the scandals and coming back strong. Despite the challenges, Facebook has maintained a steady growth in the number of users which means that the scandals didn’t affect users’ behavior significantly. Whatever happens, every digital content marketer will still want to flash their content across the eyes of users on the largest social media platforms. You see, with smart devices all over, social media is the most significant media today—and Facebook is the biggest social media. What makes Facebook marketing even easier are Facebook marketing tools. You can choose your target audience; target demography, and you'll have your content displayed to as many people as your budget can fetch. Besides, potential customers can reach you on the click of a button, the Facebook direct message button. So every opportunity to learn how to market on Facebook is a worthwhile investment for your digital content marketing ventures. This guide will shade more light on who started Facebook, Facebook media and Facebook marketing among other accessories to help you with content marketing on Facebook. We made this guide to read like a Facebook marketing for dummies handbook so that it helps even readers who want to try out Facebook marketing for the first time. Read on.

What’s Your Facebook Audience?

Before you roll out a Facebook marketing strategy, you need to inquire if your target market is on Facebook. Get the numbers and establish that the venture is worth your investment. With over 2 billion active users, there’s a good chance that your target market is on FB market. First, both genders use social media, almost equally. Then, Facebook uses decreases with age. Meaning, you have better access to the youth through Facebook than you'd have to older people, so age requirement for the target audience is a vital consideration. As regarding demography, more than 68% of Americans are active Facebook users. So generally, regardless of the target audience age, gender and location, there’s probably a sizeable number of users on Facebook who could be interested in your product.

Setting up your Facebook for marketing

Steps to help you prepare your Limited Facebook profile or Company profile for a marketing campaign;

Create a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is the most convenient tool for marketing your brand on Facebook. While you can use your profile for sharing information about your brand, it is important not to mix up your personal stories with information about your business. A page, therefore, works as a hub for all information on your brand. Creating a page is a matter of a few clicks. It takes barely ten minutes, and you can do it on your mobile device. Once you have the page set up, you can invite your friends to like it, and follow it, so that every time you share some information on the page they get a notification. If you have a budget for your Facebook marketing, you can boost the posts by making a payment to Facebook so that your posts are shared to a larger audience than just your Facebook friends and the people who follow your page. To enhance your marketing on Facebook, whenever your friends like your Facebook page, request them nicely to follow your page and to invite their friends to like your page too. This will give you a wide viewership without having to boost the posts.   The good thing with Facebook pages is that a person doesn’t have to be your friend to like your page, and there no limits to how many people can like your page. This is unlike the case with your limited Facebook profile on which you can only have five thousand friends. The only downside of Facebook pages is that they are trying to get off the ground because only a few friends will respond positively to your invites. Unless you are a Facebook public figure or an established brand; you need to know how to use Facebook for business to be successful with this.  

Setting Up a Professional Facebook Page

So sad that many companies out there don’t make the most out of their Facebook Pages. How you use your Facebook Page could hurt or strengthen the credibility of your brand. Here are steps to help you use your Facebook Page to its full potential.  
  • Add a profile and cover photo which relates to your theme
  Both your profile photo and your cover photo say a lot about your brand so they shouldn’t be worlds apart from your product. Choosing what to upload as your Page’s profile is at the core of your Facebook marketing strategy. If you can, always use your logo or a variation of it as your profile picture. For the cover picture; use an image that speaks volume about your profile picture. For instance; if your company manufactures a cleaning detergent, your cover photo should showcase the product in use. It should attract the attention of your visitors and bring out what the company is about, powerfully.  
  • Company information
  The company information is usually at the “about” section of the page. This section is right below the profile picture, and it's an opportunity to tell your visitor every critical information about your company, like all your Facebook selling information. It's short, so you have to be brief, concise and as informative as can be. If you have a website, head to the “About us” page of your website, copy and paste the information on your page’s “about” section.  
  • Publish only relevant, useful and up-to-date information on your page
  Everyone who likes your page gets a notification whenever you publish a post on your Facebook page, so you have to make sure that your posts are of some value to them. It’s not advisable to publish too many updates on the page, or too often. Read widely and find out things which would be interesting or helpful to your audience, you'd also share helpful videos or podcasts that are relevant to your products or services. If you can, write on blog posts regularly and share links to the posts on your page.  
  • Keep records of your page results
  Facebook analytics will give you insightful statistics which will tell you whether you are doing the Facebook promotion right or wrong. It will show you how many people your Facebook marketing ad reached and how many were engaged.   The records are helpful because they will help you note what your audience finds interesting or useful and what they don't so that you only make posts on what your audience likes.  

Facebook Groups and Facebook jobs; tools for boosting your Marketing on Facebook

Here is how you may use Facebook groups, marketplace, and jobs to promote your Facebook marketing.  
  • Marketing with Facebook Groups
  Facebook groups have been there for some time now. Although nowadays you are allowed to create a group on your own that corresponds with your page that was not possible a few years ago. For you to do marketing on Facebook using groups you need to have a Facebook page for your brand, with that you can create a group. A group gives you more control than a page does for what's shared and who can access the information. Although these Facebook groups are more or fewer discussion forums, they have more features than pages, and Limited Facebook profiles have. The goal here is to connect with the audience for your Facebook market. So what you need to do is to come up with groups that relate to the products you are marketing on Facebook.   The highlight of the Facebook groups is that they are free and their levels of engagement are high, but on the other hand they can be time-consuming to create and manage. This is because to lead a group you'll need to check and monitor conversations now and then, and to verify posts published by the members. With pages, you may check just once a day to either post or reply to comments, so you don't need to waste much time on it as compared to Facebook groups.  
  • Marketing with Facebook Marketplace
  The Facebook marketplace may be the appropriate platform to sell your products. It's almost the same as the craigslist but on Facebook. It can also be an ideal market Ad for your product. Even though it's still a new feature on Facebook and it's being revised, it has great potential. If you are using the Facebook marketplace for your Facebook marketing, you'll need to set up a shop on your Facebook where you list your products. This makes it easier for someone to search them on Facebook to find them easily. The Facebook marketplace is the best Facebook marketing strategy so far especially if you are in ecommerce. So, if you are into ecommerce should consider using the Facebook marketplace.  
  • Facebook Jobs for marketing
  Facebook jobs is a new feature that was launched just a couple of years ago. With this feature, you can post jobs on Facebook, and if you are looking for someone to hire, you can do so conveniently. This type of marketing on Facebook can be helpful for the growth of your company.  
  • Targeted Advertising
  Targeted advertising is helpful because it helps you create an advertisement that will target a specific group of people, ages, specific areas among other qualities depending on the kind of products you are offering. For easy targeting the users, you may check their profiles and target them with anything you find helpful on their profiles. You need to know that advertisements can be run on either per-click or per-impression. Facebook also allows you to put up daily limits so that your budget may be under your full control. Your Facebook market is likely to flourish when you use Facebook ads compared to pages or groups because you can pick out who can see the ads. However, the costs may be high. Here are different types of Facebook advertisement:
  • Carousel
  • Canvas
  • Video
  • Offers
  • Leads
Each of these ads has advantages that you may enjoy depending on the kind of Facebook marketing you are doing On choosing the best ad to run in your marketing, you need to check what other marketers on Facebook and your competitors are doing by checking the info and ads on any other company's page. If you do this, you may see the ads which are active. If you may want to see advertisements and Facebook promotions from other regions you’ll need to change the country on your page.


Facebook Marketing is a powerful and dynamic tool which you can make use of to popularize your brand. Regardless of what age, sex, and location of your target audience, you can use Facebook to reach out to the audience and make your brand known. Facebook is flexible so you can roll out a marketing strategy that fits your budget and timelines.   It might take a lot of effort and time to make your brand popular of Facebook media, but in the end, all the sacrifice will be worthwhile. The best time to get started is today because Facebook is still a hotcake marketing media and our hot Facebook is fast becoming an absolute marketing necessity by the days. Try out these tips, and you'll be glad you did.