Content is King

What is Content Marketing

content marketing companyContent Marketing has long been the secret sauce to having a good website conversion rate. Applying this technique correctly can have a night and day difference on your conversion rate and will ultimately help to land you more new clients on your doorstep. Understanding what your client's current Mood/situation is like can be one of the most beneficial tools you can use when writing content. Its important that you start by writing about how they are felling in their current situation. Whether or not they are purchasing something or filling out a lead capture form, its very important that you the writer can relate to your customers emotions. Once you tackle the emotional stage, briefly discuss the situations that are at hand, whether its a good situation or a bad situation lightly talk on each subject. This is where the consumer now begins to trust and believe the message you are trying to pass on. Once you have established trust the reader will now look for you to provide a referral for a source of help. During this part of the content you want to let them know who the leaders are in the industry and who is there provide them with help. At this point you want to add in a call to action such as a contact us now, Call us now, purchase now, or a lead capture form for more help.

What Do I Write About?

It's simple. Write about concerns or areas of concerns that your clients may be doing research for online. For example if your a company that sells women's hormone supplements you will want to write about topics such as Side effects of hormone supplements,  10 reasons hormone supplements can improve your life, Do hormone supplements really work, Etc.... Every topic your writing about is a question that your potential consumer will have prior to purchasing this product. Chances are they will be looking up this information online, if your the company providing them the information and telling them where they can go for help, ultimately your able to send them right to you website or landing page for them to convert into a sale/lead!   For more questions or information about content marketing send us a message.