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The pursuit of happiness starts with you, healthy body happy life. Joint pain, muscle tension, these all have a source and Raviva actually works to find it. No more chemicals and pills that treat symptoms look for actual remedies that cure you naturally. Raviva’s mission is to guide you to physical wellness. If life to you is a journey of self-improvement, then prove it to your body.

The Results


New Locations Opened


Alliances to offer more Products and Services


Sales Increment during the first 3 months

What We Did
  • We’ve created a whole new service experience inside the clinic to help setting their patient mind and spirit and start getting their therapies with the best possible attitude.


  • We also help them grow their business by building a memorable brand for both patients and investors. The first ones to feel sure they can be helped and the second to open new locations.
Our Solution

We turn a generic brand into a new remarkable online brand

Branding details such as name and slogan are powerful on this type of business. Creating a brand to be easily found online and to be unique and remembered is priority.

We create a whole customer experience inside the clinic

Yes, we can bring customers to your business, but being consistent and “emotional” is a key for all the patients that get in contact for the first time with the facilities.

We developed a whole brand an marketing package

They wanted to grow their business not just with customers but by having more locations. There is no better way to bring investors than providing them with a whole package for effective digital marketing tools and campaigns.

Client Testimonial

Raviva has benefited greatly from the services we get from the team at Naked Media. I recommend this company to anyone looking for any scale of marketing. Thank you!

Dr. Carolina Vecchi

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