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5 SEO Secrets Of 2016

Ranking your site on Google is not as easy as it seems. In fact, apart from the time and the ability you need to optimize your content, this task also requires skills and deep knowledge of current ranking factors. Also, you can significantly benefit from any SEO secrets or hacks you can imagine.

Although there are no high-level SEO secrets that have been revealed so far by Google, there are, however, some techniques that can be applied to boost rankings. These strategies were derived from both Google and research.

Here are 5 uncommon SEO secrets for 2016 that can help you get quick ranking for your content, some of which you may have never known.

link-buildingFind People Who Can Give You Links And Create Content For Them

Although there are many SEO tricks that state that the efficacy of link building is becoming moribund, however, it is important to note that the ancient technique is still very much effective today. In fact, a recent ranking from an SEO company, Moz – top nine ranking factors – places domain-level links at the top of the list.

When it comes to acquiring links for you SEO company which of these pays more? Link building or link earning. It is imperative to note that you will naturally earn links that can significantly improve your rankings when you create stellar content that is totally unique.

The main objective behind SEO secrets for 2016 is that you specifically need to create content for the purpose of attracting links from online marketers, journalists, and bloggers. Here’s the catch: you stand a chance to accumulate social shares and links when you write unique, stellar content that can excite your audience.

However, if you are only interested in acquiring links, then you need to search for an SEO company or people who are capable of giving you links and create content for them. To do this, you need to think about what journalists and bloggers typically link to in their posts and direct your content toward this path. Your content can appear the formats below.

– Prediction posts

– Expert interviews

– Controversial posts

– Industry infographics

– Lists of industry data

– Original research or survey

As a content producer, you need to know the types of content you often rely on whenever you are seeking to create a piece of content. To get on the right track, you need to write content that you yourself could link to. It’s an essential SEO service for high ranking.

Optimize For Google’s Top 3 Ranking Factors

Generally, no comprehensive list of ranking factors has been released by Google. At the moment, it is difficult to recognize every single aspect of Google’s algorithm as there are over 200 major ranking factors with thousands of sub-signals.

However, there are 3 of Google’s top ranking factors that have been listed among SEO secrets for 2016. You could probably boost your rankings if you understand the importance of these 3 factors as they can help you focus on these effective strategies and activities.

These top 3 ranking factors include links, content, and RankBrain. Since you already know what links are all about, as well as the importance of these SEO tricks, let’s just talk about RankBrain –.

According to Search Engine Land, RankBrain is simply an artificial intelligence system employed by Google to process search results. Basically, it’s one of the major means through which Google searches through pages to find the best fit for a query.

In fact, the role of Rankbrain among these SEO secrets cannot be overemphasized. It is the third most essential ranking factor as revealed by Google senior research scientist, Greg Corrado during a recent interview with Bloomberg. But the real question here is how can your content be optimized for RankBrain?

There is no need to fidget as this is even easier than you think. The secret for optimizing for RankBrain was also shared by Gary Illyes, an analyst at Google. According to him, RankBrain can push you back when it gets confused, especially if you try to write like a machine.

This emphasizes the need for you to proofread your content before uploading them onto your site. To ensure that your articles sound natural, you can read them out and ask people to take a look at them for you. You are definitely going to optimize for RankBrain if you use these SEO tricks well by making your content sound like natural language that can be used in your everyday life.

Get More Traffic To Your Site With Featured Snippets

As you may already know, Google uses featured snippets to feature relevant answers to questions asked. These answers are provided right within the search results. Along with your page title and URL, Google usually displays a summary of relevant content if it determines that the best answer to a particular question is contained in your page.

A recent research by an SEO company, Stone Temple Consulting revealed that site traffic can actually be increased by getting featured snippets for your content. As a content maker, try as much as possible to focus on more complex questions when optimizing for featured snippets. Note that users may not want to click-through to your site if your snippet offers a single or two-word answer to a relatively simple question.

Boost Your Rankings By Including Related Topics And Words

Of course, content is key to gaining top rankings on Google, however, there are still certain SEO service options that can increase your chance to ranking high on Google with content. Here are some of those factors

– Ensure to place keyword(s) in your internal and external links

– Apply the right reading level for your audience

– Let your description and text body contain your keyword(s)

You may have already been conversant with these factors, however, an interesting discovery was made by an SEO service, Searchmetrics. It revealed that a 53% proportion of relevant terms were contained in top-ranking pages. “Relevant terms” simply refer to those words and phrases that are similar to your topic or primary keyword.

On your part, try to find related words and phrases using your usual keyword tools and strategies rather than focusing only on your primary keyword. This is one of those SEO secrets that can boost your rankings and improve your content quality.

Ensure To Meet User Intent To Rank High in The SERPs

It is one thing to get top rankings and it is another thing to meet user intent. You will never achieve strong user signals if your page fails to meet the needs and expectations of its users. Once users discover that the information they are looking for is not well answered or unavailable on your page, they will abandon your site and move on to search for a more useful one. Follow this SEO service to boost your site ranking.

These actions can adversely affect your rankings as they tend to decrease your time on site and increase your bounce rates. Within the shortest possible time, your rankings will drop once Google realizes that your page is missing the mark.

To avoid this, it is best to use these SEO tricks at your own advantage by analyzing the SERPs, so as to ensure you are matching user intent. Consider pages that are currently ranking for your keywords after running a search for them. As your primary objective, you should keep user intent and choose your keywords carefully.

These 5 SEO secrets for 2016 will go a long way to properly guide you for Google ranking