(No, we have nothing to do with the adult film industry.)

Naked Media is all about exposing brands/businesses to their highest potential on the internet and making them boat loads of money.


We have the knowledge and tools to develop your business online. Every business is unique and requires different methods. We don’t stick you into a pre-made package, we customize your project to fit your needs.


In other words, we get things done.





Our clients  have invested more than 10 million dollars on marketing. They like to spend money because they know they will get it back and then some.


We’ve been doing this a while, we have a 150% return of your investment into each campaign. Not to brag, but that’s pretty awesome.


Nearly half of our clients are not even local, We can help your business grow from whatever state you’re in. #LetsGetNakedNationwide



Brand Development

Branding is a passion, and one we take seriously. We help you develop your brand to stand out against your competitors and create lasting relationships with clients.

Web Design & Development

Web is an important tool in todays age for any business. We take your brand and develop it’s online presence.

Custom Marketing Strategies

Each company is different, and we embrace that. We work with you to develop a fully custom strategy fit perfectly for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media isn’t just something everyone is scrolling down all day. It’s an important tool in marketing. A strong social media presence is important to establish trust.


SEO & PPC never fail, if you know how to use them. We will optimize any site or campaign you have to guarantee maximum conversion. In other words, put a lot of money in your pocket.

Print & Digital Design

We’re experts in design, wether it’s digital or print. We bring your ideas to life wether it’s packaging, fully custom branded decor for brick & mortar business, and basically anything you need.

Case Study

Selected Work

Naked Media is all about finding the best solution for your business. In each line of expertise we have we have made it our mission to make sure we get it right, so when you come to us with your business, we already know what works and how we can make you money. Here is an example of projects that we have done that in the process, made us experts in that field.

Lots of Love


Naked Media from start to finish was amazing. Extremely professional staff. They took the time to listen to what I needed and DELIVERED. Entire team went out of their way for me ESPECIALLY Paula. She was very diligent and extremely professional. Can't say enough good about the whole experience. Not only did they deliver a website I was very pleased with but also delivered a backend component that is actually making my day to day operations much easier. If you need a web developer, Naked Media is your answer!!
FNM Editor
FNM Editor
21:24 01 Oct 18
Working with Naked Media was the best thing that happen to my brand. They even suggested to change the name of my brand, because it was impossible to be found on google. They change the whole branding identity. The showed me why is that so important for a business like mine. All the flyers, the business card, the website, even the look and feel of my Raviva's facilities was all perfectly connected. And after that, they set digital marketing strategies to bring me customers every day. I truly and sincerely recommend to work with Naked Media if you want to rebrand your whole Brand.
Luis Vecchi
Luis Vecchi
16:54 23 Oct 18
Company has great moral standard. And really works to help their employees create the best life possible. Wish I was able to be there still
John Martin
John Martin
08:11 13 Aug 18
We hired Naked Media almost a year ago. Steve makes a world of difference in this complex digital marketing era. He will ALWAYS answer the phone more than happy to give advise ideas, we’ve developed a friendship in that time. Steve is honest hard working and he cares, even when we’re at our lowest Steve saved us. If you really want to grow your brand CALL NAKED MEDIA know, Thank you Steve and your amazing team especially Halim, he rocks. Best digital Ad agency hands down.
Apple TekGuru
Apple TekGuru
18:31 24 Apr 18
My company has been using Naked Media for the last 6 months and we are very pleased with the work they do. The staff is creative, tech savy, and very good about quickly responding to my inquiries. They are also very good about explaining SEO processes in lamens terms which I appreciate greatly. Thank you Naked Media Ft. Lauderdale!
Zaq Wilson
Zaq Wilson
16:55 01 Dec 16
Trabajar con Naked Media ha sido una muy buena experiencia, han resuelto y desarrollado todas mis necesidades de marketing, website, creación de mi logo e incluso han desarrollado el enfoque de marca para que se vea mejor y más atractiva en Google.
Indira Rad
Indira Rad
16:08 13 Nov 18

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