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Hi, We Are Naked Media

(No, we have nothing to do with the adult film industry.)

Naked Media is all about exposing brands/businesses to their highest potential on the internet and making them boat loads of money.

What we do

We have the knowledge and tools to develop your business online. Every business is unique and requires different methods. We don’t stick you into a pre-made package, we customize your project to fit your needs.

In other words,
We get s*** done.

Proof is in the Puddin’


Our clients  have spent more than 10 million dollars on marketing. They like to spend money because they know they will get it back and then some.


We’ve been doing this a while, we have a 150% return of your investment into each campaign. That’s right 150%. It’s math.


Nearly half of our clients are not even local, We can help your business grow from whatever state you’re in. #LetsGetNakedNationwide

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Case Study

Naked Media is all about finding the best solution for your business. In each line of expertise we have we have made it our mission to make sure we get it right, so when you come to us with your business, we already know what works and how we can make you money. Here are some examples of projects that we have done that in the process, made us experts in that field.

Screw Packages

When we say we live by the “screw packages” motto, we really mean it.


As our company grows, so do our strategies and our clients.

We kept running into obstacles with the “packages” system. That’s why we decided to break the barriers and provide a totally unique approach to each and every project we have.


Specialties are our bread and butter, we know these verticals like the back of our hand(s). Our Case studies tie in really close with our specialties, because we’ve done the research, the trial and error, and we’ve come up with the perfect formula of what works in these industries.

  • Lead Generation
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Web  Design & Development
  • App Design & Development
  • SEO
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Marketing
Our Clients

Raviva has benefited greatly from the services we get from the team at Naked Media. I recommend this company to anyone looking for any scale of marketing. Thank you!

Dr. Carolina Vecchi

MedClub by Dr. Jenn has benefited greatly from the services we get from Steven and the team at Naked Media. I recommend this company to anyone looking for any scale of marketing. Thank you!

Dr. Jenn

My company has been using Naked Media for the last 6 months and we are very pleased with the work they do. The staff is creative, tech savvy, and very good about quickly responding to my inquiries. They are also very good about explaining SEO processes in layman’s terms which I appreciate greatly. Thank you, Naked Media Ft. Lauderdale.

Zaq Wilson
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(888) 595-6546

Promoting your business effectively online can open up a vast amount of new growth potential. Naked Media Fort Lauderdale SEO department provides local Internet Marketing services and enterprise Internet Marketing Strategies that are geared to deliver optimal results. Our Campaign Include Social Media Lead Generation and Client Acquisition, Pay Per Click – Google Adwords Management, branding and strategy planning. Email marketing and database remarketing, Reputation management and much more. This is called Digital Marketing at its finest

Our SEO services fit most budgets and work well for local and enterprise-sized companies. Call us today for a free SEO Audit and Consultation.

We are a passionate, hard-working team of smart individuals located in the USA in the sunny state of Florida. If you’re looking to execute a profitable internet marketing strategy that delivers results, call us today and speak with one of our internet marketing strategists today!