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Here Come New Ideas for Marketing for Lawyers

Lawfirm Marketing - Many law new law firms fail to get new clients and open even more files simply because they haven’t done enough business development to market their businesses. Most lawyers probably don’t consider marketing as a non-essential activity but forget that every law firm needs clients and it’s a cut-throat competition situation out...

Marketing for Lawyers Strategies 2017

Lawyers Marketing - Why Marketing For Lawyers Strategies Are the Keys to Success In 2017 You learn a lot in Law School. In fact, they teach you just about everything except the importance of marketing your practice. Marketing is crucial for lawyers. It’s what differentiates a financially successful lawyer from one who is ever struggling to land...

Importance of Content Marketing for Lawyers

Lawyer Content Marketing - It’s not a secret that content marketing helps a law firm get new leads, grow its client base, and build its reputation as a trusted authority in its specific niche. The problem is that most law firms lack the necessary knowledge, resources, and strategies to make good use of content marketing. Let’s...

10 Things Spock Would Say About Lawyers Marketing

If there is one important thing Spock, the Star Trek character, would say to a lawyer today, it would be “Make your practice live long and prosper by taking care of the needs of the many.” That almost sums up everything an attorney would need to do to attract more new clients but Spock would probably go...

Why Realtors Succeed in 2017

A successful realtor in 2017 is the one who has a solid marketing plan that is designed to yield maximum benefits at minimum costs. Well, if truth be told, succeeding in the overcrowded real estate industry is not a walk in the park. This is why many realtors are wiped out of business within the first five...

Why Realtors Fail In 2017

Why will many realtors fail in 2017? They’ll fail for the simple reason that they have not yet learned how to succeed in the industry. They’ll fail because they keep on applying wrong tactics to the business. According to a report by National Association of Realtors (NAR), 87% of new realtors fail in the first few years...

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